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Brothers Pimm

Nov 24, 2021

In the temple of the Tyrant in the center of the Atlantis, only three things remain--raise the dead, kill a god, and escape hell. This is the hour of destiny, inescapable as the tides and implacable as the sea.

Nov 18, 2021

The Brethren of the Coast step through the doorway into a restless dream of an angry god--Into Atlantis, into the kingdom at the edge of dreaming, and straight to the palace to meet its bloody king... if they can make it past the gate.

Nov 10, 2021

The heroes have arrived at the hidden doorway to Atlantis, but to dethrone a demon takes more than just wits and guile. They'll need the help of their allies, their enemies, and even the spirit in the wind to face this challenge--can Sorrowful speak sense to the deathless and secure the city of Atlantis from...

Nov 3, 2021

With their final challenge ahead, the Brethren of the Coast gird themselves for the invasion of Atlantis--but they'll need more than their own strength if they hope to win. Inside Thomas Edge's imagination lies a prison for the Spirit in the Wind, and Sorrowful will need to peer inside and speak to it if they hope to...