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Brothers Pimm

Nov 25, 2020

Now that they've nearly returned to Tortuga, the crew of the Caliban quickly learn the latest happenings on the island. While Mary begins planning her future as a pirate, Captain Crowe hopes to oversee the first rum ration for the bretheren of Tortuga--and not blind his crews in the process....

Nov 18, 2020

With Warmgore defeated, the crew return to where their journey began and being to think of the new adventure that awaits them. Captain Crowe faces a hurt and tired crew, and a worried first mate. Mary returns to the site of her former home, now burned, and begins to read her husband's ledger for clues of what to...

Nov 11, 2020

William Warmgore is slain, but even dead he's proving a worthier opponent than most. But despite this interruption to their victory the crew of the Caliban finally have a chance to limp into St. George and rest their weary heads for a bit in the hospitality of their old ally Governor Wood--and share the strange tales of...

Nov 4, 2020

The thrilling conclusion is here! As Captain Crowe leaps onto Warmgore's flagship, it'll be up to the rest of the crew to decide whether they follow his orders and escape--or whether Mary will get her long-desired revenge.