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Brothers Pimm

Sep 25, 2019

Our heroes have laid their trap... and now it’s time to spring it. The armies of the Cities are bearing down on New Birth, and it’ll take everything they’ve got to turn them aside. With their retreat cut behind them and an ambush ahead, the army should be thrown into chaos—but with heroes, gods, and soldiers on...

Sep 18, 2019

They've been reunited with Finley Savage, but our heroes seem strangely distracted--the lure of shrimp puffs seems to have taken the wind out of everyone's sails as they party in the nightmare Junk Manor. Something strange is afoot, and if they don't figure it out fast they'll have an army led by heroes and nepenthe...

Sep 11, 2019

Mugen and Junkman are finally back together! Before they pop the champagne they need to figure out a game plan for how to rally the people of New Birth to defend against the coming onslaught. However, things come to a screeching halt when a familiar face appears in their midst. 

Sep 4, 2019

Our heroes are still split up, and a day apart--Mugen is lookingninto his own crash site while Junkman hides from armies and dreamers alike after crashing his aerial screw. As they’re both led to the tunnels full of poppies criss-crossing the way to the Dreamcatcher, they’ll have to face the threat from the...

Sep 1, 2019

The Pimms have taken the mailbag to the Raleigh Memorial Theater in beautiful Discord where they and the Snooperfans go through your latest questions about City Limits and the Brothers Pimm.