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Brothers Pimm

Jan 30, 2019

Our heroes find themselves in the offices of Maximus Pollard, the head of the Sparrows--and a tough customer in a business tuxedo to boot. Trapped in the top of a skyscraper full of angry thugs, they'll be lucky if they get out with their skins, much less the info they need on Cormick Redfern's missing wife. Could the...

Jan 23, 2019

Junkman and Mugen are on the beat in Lithium City when they stumble into an attempted murder--a well-to-do professor got a slithering surprise in his mailbox for asking too many questions about his wife's ritzy rehab program with the Sparrows. The boys come prepared for yoga, but will they be ready for what they...

Jan 17, 2019

Dressed down by the LCPD brass, new partners Oswaldo Junkman and Mugen Mishima are having a tough time proving they have what it takes to be Lithium City's newest superheroes. Can they work together to protect their home when a beast attacks Beast's End precinct? Or will they succumb to the horrors beyond the city limits?